Diversion of Rock County
The Youth Development & Diversion Programs Unit operates within the Juvenile Justice Division and the Human Services Department. The goals of the unit are firmly rooted within the mission of the Department and Division which states, "The Division will work to empower youth and families by providing services & creating opportunities for a safer & stronger community through a balanced approach".

‚ÄčWe are privileged to host the following community service organizations here at St. John's

S & T Opportunities
S&T  is an adult day services program.  They offer work and life skills sessions, as well as recreation and leisure time.  They are a positive community, staffed by professionals, allowing adults with disabilities to develop essential life skills to better prepare themselves for personal growth and independence.

Youth 2 Youth 4 Change
The mission of Youth2Youth 4 Change is to reduce substance abuse among youth and adults through positive social change.  The Vision of Youth2Youth 4 Change is to create a drug-free community for generations to come.  Youth2Youth 4 Change is a coalition of youth and adults throughout Rock County that began in 1991.